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Bench Mark

17,000 entries

The Brief

To celebrate the roots of the brand, Bench's urban scene took centre stage. The app we designed had to entertain Bench's existing community, while driving engagement. It also needed to increase their reach across key territories, which meant we needed to understand how each territory responded to a global competition in terms of entries.

The Approach

The Bench Mark app was designed as an easy-to-use "Guess The X" application. The user had to decide where, on an image of street art, they thought the Bench tag would sit best.The winner was chosen out of the entrants who guessed the correct spot.

The Results

The competition received almost 17,000 entries, the vast majority of which came from the UK (86%). 994 entries from Spain meant almost 50% of the brand's community in that territory entered. Of all entrants, nearly a third also signed up for the Bench newsletter.

In total, Bench Mark had a reach of over 400,000 users world-wide. We observed that the app had most significant engagement in territories that posted regularly and consistently. A visually accessible and on-brand design meant we were able to build on Bench's existing community and further their brand in the direction of their target audience.

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