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Secret Santa Solver

31,590 spins

The Brief

As part of our approach to encourage first-time users to try Gumtree's online market place, we designed the Secret Santa Solver app in time for the holiday season. This application was also intended to engage with fans of Gumtree's social media platforms, as well as drive awareness of the brand in general.

The Approach

The idea behind the app was to give users the chance to find Gumtree adverts under £20 that could be bought as gifts for Secret Santa schemes. Designed to resemble a fruit-machine, the user would 'spin' and see a line of Christmas-related images that would then generated a list of adverts to browse. In order to make the experience viable, users were asked to submit their postcode or town before they played, localising their results. This also offered Gumtree with information regarding the regional popularity of the app. A cash prize of £500 was also offered to incentivise users to participate and/or share the competition with their friends and followers.

The Results

Through the campaign, the app saw over 31,000 spins. Tis demonstrates a fantastic level of user engagement; the design really struck a chord with the target audience. We also observed that the app had 5533 entries. This was a great reach for the brand, and increased the number of users listing and purchasing from the Gumtree site itself.

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