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Triathlon App

2,000 new Facebook fans

The Brief

PruHealth are one of the sponsorship partners of the London Triathlon, one of the world's largest events of its kind, drawing professional and amateur participants from around the world. The purpose of our collaboration with them was to create a wider awareness for the event via the existing Facebook page.

The Approach

The app we built invited users to create a photo story of their favourite sponsored athlete, using their own photos. This user-generated content was published to their Facebook feed, spreading the reach of the app to friends of users. As an incentive to participate with the app, tickets were offered as prizes.

The Results

The app received 1038 unique users, resulting in 804 new sign-ups to the PruHealth newsletter. There were over 1,300 submissions from 45 countries, generating 10,400 views and 2,000 new fans of the Facebook page. The app was designed to build awareness; it did exactly that.

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