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How Cool Are You?

50% Conversion Rate

The Brief

We know how essential is is to get people talking about a product, word-of-mouth being an invaluable method of increasing public awareness of a new product. Utilising social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are a sure-fire way to get people chatting. Getting them to talk about your product is the trick.

The guys at Slush Puppie weren't happy. Their product, Tango Ice Blast, was getting limited exposure due to its limited availability. Not to mention, without the parent company logo branding, many consumers mistakenly thought it was an imitation competitor. Enter myclever, to remedy the situation.

The Approach

The "How Cool Are You?" app was a fun, light-hearted personality quiz with the intention of engaging the existing fan base Tango Ice Blast had on Facebook. Questions were related to the flavours available, the habits of the products availability, and the consumers themselves. Users that played the app stood a chance of winning free cinema vouchers - a prize that also tied in with the Tango Ice Blast brand. We included a call to action to share your final results with friends, designed to encourage users to organically spread the brand across social media platforms.

The Results

With over 700 plays and 678 entries (a conversion rate of 96%), we designed an app that spoke to the target audience with exactly the right voice. Over 50% of these users went on to Like the brand's Facebook page.

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