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Curvy Kate - Star in a Bra 2015

Star in a Bra 2015

1.5 million views

The Brief

Curvy Kate’s Star in a Bra gives one lucky fan the chance to become the face and body of the brand.

We wanted to build on the success of previous campaigns to lift Star in a Bra to global audiences, pushing competition entries and votes by blending bought, earned and owned media with experiential opportunities.

The Approach

Fashion and lingerie bloggers spread word of the competition. We also got Curvy Kate’s retailers in on the action.

PR stunts and out-of-home events, like the Star in a Bra roadshow, brought the campaign bouncing into life on social. This included on-the-spot entries, where contestants-to-be could strip off and strike a pose.

Content drove women to a branded microsite where people could upload their snaps and stories to be voted on by the public.

Videos ads and Vines pushed up the engagement rates with fans in France, Poland, South Africa, Australia, Canada and the US.

BuzzFeed, The Metro and The Mirror were among the publishers to shout about our campaign, with the Victoria Secret “Perfect Body” parody exposing the brand to a much greater audience.

The Results

1.5 million people viewed the microsite, thousands of people entered and over 15,000 voted.

Social pushed over 20% of visits – an uplift of 336% from average social referrals.

40% of reach came from paid social.

Curvy Kate - Ultimate Uplift


“Marketing Campaign of the Year” - 2014 UK Lingerie Awards

The Brief

Curvy Kate, the lingerie brand for fuller busted women, turned to myclever™ Agency to support the launch of their newest product – “Luxe”, their first strapless bra.

The Approach

The #MyUltimateUplift campaign played to the strengths of Curvy Kate’s products.

Having already grown Curvy Kate’s social community with engaging content and clever banter, we asked fans to share stories about what gives them a lift. This included that special someone, a daily treat or even a great fitting set of lingerie.

#MyUltimateUplift gathered this user-generated content into a microsite hosted on a custom Tumblr domain. Each day, we surprised a fan by rewarding their story with a Luxe bra.

We also reached out to influential bloggers by giving them Luxe bras to review and rave about. This created organic brand advocacy across Curvy Kate’s bustling social channels.

The Results

#MyUltimateUplift resulted in thousands of entries.

There were over 10,000 visits from over 4,500 unique users as people returned to the site multiple times to read the positive stories.

The campaign created thousands of conversations online.

#MyUltimateUplift even won “Marketing Campaign of the Year” at the 2014 UK Lingerie Awards.

Curvy Kate - Star in a Bra

Star in a Bra

244% increase in engaged users per month

The Brief

Curvy Kate required an application accessible on Facebook and on mobile for users’ ‘Star in a Bra’ competition entries. The app needed to be attractive, fun and easy to use in order to encourage fans to enter. They wanted to increase brand awareness and build upon Curvy Kate’s social presence while simultaneously engaging with their current fans and reaching friends of fans.

The Approach

myclever tailored a Facebook application that was fully accessible on mobile. The app was posted regularly onto Curvy Kate’s Facebook page at entry stage, with the option to share available when users entered. There followed two stages of public voting. Judges short-listed 30 entries; users could then vote for up to three different entrants. This generated a Top 10, for which users had just one vote. Regular Facebook posts and Tweets from the Curvy Kate accounts kept users updated on the days left to enter or vote. Users could also share their votes to encourage friends to participate.

The Results

A total of 684 entries were submitted through the app. There was a 16% increase in Curvy Kate’s Facebook page likes. Almost 18,000 people were talking about Curvy Kate over the competition period with nearly 100,000 stories created about the brand. Curvy Kate’s Facebook Timeline was exposed on average to just under 9,000 engaged users per month. Following our work with their brand’s social media presence, that figure has risen to a staggering 31,000, an impressive increase of 244%.

Curvy Kate - #TwitKiss


300% Twitter follower increase

The Brief

In celebration of National Kissing Day, Curvy Kate wanted an app that would increase user engagement while simultaneously improving Curvy Kate’s social media presence, widening their audience.

The Approach

myclever created a microsite, developed primarily for mobile, encouraging users to find out who their Twitter ‘kiss’ was on National Kissing Day. To appeal to Curvy Kate’s already substantial online community, the microsite needed to be attractive, fun and easy to use so that fans would be encouraged to enter and share. Leveraging the Twitter API, the Twitkiss app used a custom algorithm to discover from a user’s followers and tweets who their ‘ultimate Twitkiss’ was. The result could be shared with a user’s followers and @ mentioned their ‘twitkiss’ along with the hashtag #KissMeQuick. The app was profiled regularly on Curvy Kate’s Twitter account and Facebook page during the campaign, and myclever further raised awareness of Twitkiss by targeting bloggers, brands, previous competition winners and celebrities.

The Results

Over 100,000 Twitter users used the app within 14 days. Stories created by the app, sent out via tweets, hit over 100,000 over the period that both National and International Kissing Day occurred. In total, the app reached more than a million Twitter users. Curvy Kate’s Twitter following increased over 300%, with over 2,000 people visiting Curvy Kate's website as a result.

Curvy Kate - Swimwear

Swimwear App

6000% Facebook page growth

The Brief

Curvy Kate wanted to promote awareness of their brand and swimwear lines. They were keen to grow the overall engagement of existing fans, as well as reaching friends of fans.

The Approach

myclever designed an original app that gave users the opportunity to enter a competition by creating their own swimwear from a total of 60,000 combinations. The advantage of user interactivity was that it provided Curvy Kate with a source of research into what their most engaged consumers wanted, while providing an enjoyable activity for their fan base.

The Results

There was an overwhelming reaction to the competition, with over 3,000 swimwear designs submitted. The app ran across their global social media channels. Over the past 2 years Curvy Kate’s Facebook pages have seen more than a 6000% growth – the viral and interactive nature of the swimwear app making a great contribution to this.

Curvy Kate - #CurvyKateBig5


500 new Twitter followers

The Brief

Curvy Kate were keen to utilise their fifth birthday to increase brand awareness through in-store activities, via Twitter.

The Approach

The hashtag #CurvyKateBig5 was used to focus mentions to one timeline and lead conversation regarding promotions and store visits. myclever built a microsite that encouraged users to tweet Curvy Kate on this hashtag in order to reveal the locations of their in-store events. We included posts from Curvy Kate’s Facebook page and Instagram account, which instigated entirely organic engagement.

The Results

The microsite received 8,058 visitors, converting 4% to campaign entries. The brand received 500 new followers on twitter – 150 more than the number of entries, demonstrating a broader interest in the brand in general. The campaign made 400,000 impressions on Twitter, while Promoted Tweets reached over 8,000 users. The Facebook post reached 20,300, all of which was organic. With 888 mentions across the web, none of which were negative, #CurvyKateBig5 was well received.

Qmee - Online in 60 Seconds

myclever™ Agency designed a unique and engaging Infographic which was published on the Qmee blog.

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VisitEngland - 101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad

This campaign reached a total circulation of over 250 million and generating over 30k new Facebook fans.

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Gumtree - Utter Clutter

Gumtree's Facebook Page reached over 10 million people and received more than 10k new fans during this campaign.

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Bench - #24HourLife

Bench's Instagram following increased by 50%.

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