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Nuffield - #SmallVictory


Engagement rate of 10%

The Brief

Nuffield Health approached myclever™ Agency to bring the #SmallVictory campaign to life on social media. The brand campaign would build on the busiest time of year for the health and wellbeing sector.

We produced a comprehensive content campaign that aligned the brand’s social channels with this through-the-line campaign.

The Approach

Our team analysed the Nuffield Health brand and their existing audience to design a full content plan that built on the television ads and other brand assets to make #SmallVictory an integrated social media campaign.

Timing was integral to the campaign, as it capitalised on the time-of-year. This meant that we worked to a strict time frame, producing optimised copy, hundreds of images and several videos in a rapid turnaround.

Our content featured native rich media formats that increased organic reach by leveraging the algorithms of social platforms. The reach of this content was increased with targeted ad spend.

The Results

In January alone, the #SmallVictory campaign reach over 500,000 people.

Our content enjoyed an engagement rate of 10%.

“The team have been really impressed with the work both in terms of content and timing and we have had a lot of positive responses from around the business.”

Ally Hendry, Communications & Social Media Manager, Nuffield Health
Nuffield - A Picture Of Health

A Picture Of Health

ROI of 4:1

The Brief

Nuffield Health wanted myclever‘s help to increase overall brand awareness with their existing customers as well as drive new customer acquisition. It was extremely important to the brand to communicate and raise awareness of their company ideals - particular topics that were important to them.

The Approach

A fun and interactive app was created by myclever: “A Picture of Health” invited users to upload their pictures around the theme of their own exercise habits. Other users could filter these based on categories, and ‘love’ their favourites.

The Results

The contest had almost 2,000 entries, with more than 300 leads generated from the app. Through the course of the campaign, Nuffield Health’s Facebook page attracted more than 1,000 new likes. The overall ROI for the brand was 4:1 - a cost-effective and satisfying result for both the brand, and for us.

Nuffield - Gym DNA


50 New members in 1 week

The Brief

Gym DNA was another campaign that would help Nuffield Health to increase overall brand awareness, as well as improve customer acquisition.

The Approach

Our development team crafted a fun and simple-to-use app that gave users the chance to find out what their "gym DNA" is. Essentially a personality-style quiz, it played on tropes of gym-goer habits to make the user enjoy participating.

Once a user had their result they were encouraged to share it on their Facebook news feed, further spreading the reach of the app to friends of existing customers. Entrants had the chance of winning a year’s free gym membership at a Nuffield Health centre near them.

The Results

We ran the quiz-app for a week, in which time it saw 1,687 entries, of whom 1,196 new Facebook likes. This generated 314 new leads, resulting in 50 new members. There was a Return On Investment of 4:1. Not bad, for a weeks work.

Qmee - Online in 60 Seconds

myclever™ Agency designed a unique and engaging Infographic which was published on the Qmee blog.

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VisitEngland - 101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad

This campaign reached a total circulation of over 250 million and generating over 30k new Facebook fans.

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CurvyKate - Star in a Bra

myclever™ Agency reached over 1.5 million people with a blend of organic and paid social content.

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Bench - #24HourLife

Bench's Instagram following increased by 50%.

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