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Schuh - Skechers


3,000 entrants

The Brief

Schuh wanted to increase brand awareness and levels of engagement with existing Facebook fans, as well as add to their email marketing database in order to remarket with further on-site offers and online promotions.

The Approach

myclever built an interesting and enjoyable application that allowed users to enter a competition daily, giving incentives for repeated entry. Selected artwork for the app was sketched daily, tying in memorably with the brand name and offering a fun element. Users could share the competition with their friends.

The Results

The app generated over 3,000 entrants to the competition, with more than 2,000 people opting in for email re-marketing. Schuh's fan base increased by 2% and people 'Talking About This' grew by nearly 3000% at its peak.

Schuh - Ugg


15,000 page views

The Brief

Schuh wanted us to design a Facebook application that added a entertaining element to their competition in conjunction with Ugg Australia. As above, Schuh wanted to increase brand awareness across social media channels and raise levels of engagement with their existing Facebook fans.

The Approach

myclever designed a bespoke Facebook competition app that was fully interactive and compatible on mobile. By clicking and rubbing the genie's lamp, users had the opportunity to win a trip to a variety of selected holiday destinations. The competition ran from May 1st-22nd 2013.

The Results

The Ugg app saw over 5,000 users during the competition period, generating more than 15,000 page views. Schuh acquired almost 3,000 new fans during the competition period.

Schuh - Summer of Ugg

Summer Of Ugg

356 Likes per day

The Brief

Schuh's Summer Of Ugg campaign was designed to drive brand awareness - namely that Schuh stocked popular Ugg footwear. myclever were also asked to increase engagement with the existing Facebook fans of the brand, in order to reach the friends of said fans. For re-marketing purposes, we were also asked to capture email addresses of potential new customers.

The Approach

A fan-gate would appear on the news-feed of non-fans of Schuh, encouraging them to Like the brand. Users that were already fans would not see this fan-gate, but instead be directed to the Ugg tab by default.

On the page itself, a "Guess The X" app asked the participant to drop a flag on a picture of the beach, to guess where they thought the Uggs were buried. To enter the competition to win a pair of shoes or an iPad, they were asked to submit their name and email address. They could opt in to the re-marketing option.

If the user shared the app with their friends, and sufficient friends entered, the original sharer would earn an additional entry, increasing their chance of winning, furthering the reach organically by encouraging users to spread the app.

The Results

The app saw 5,475 entries in total. Of these, 3815 users opted in to the re-marketing email option. 10% of entries were the result of referrals. Schuh's Facebook page saw an additional 6,000 likes during the campaign (a 16% increase), with a constant growth measured over the week. Average new likes was 356 per day, up from 44 per day prior to the contest.

Qmee - Online in 60 Seconds

myclever™ Agency designed a unique and engaging Infographic which was published on the Qmee blog.

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VisitEngland - 101 Things To Do Before You Go Abroad

This campaign reached a total circulation of over 250 million and generating over 30k new Facebook fans.

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CurvyKate - Star in a Bra

myclever™ Agency reached over 1.5 million people with a blend of organic and paid social content.

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Bench - #24HourLife

Bench's Instagram following increased by 50%.

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