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Bench is a high-street fashion brand established in 1989. With a distinctive logo and urban clothing style, they embody the Manchester fashion scene they operate from. With stores nationwide - and internationally – it was essential they translated their retail brand into a social following via a fully integrated social media presence.

myclever’s role was to alter the brand perception through their social media channels, while broadening customer awareness of Bench’s new brand focus. To achieve this, we had to ensure a clear and consistent tone of voice that appealed to their share of the market; a voice loaded with confidence and attitude.

We identified their current market demographic, and in turn strategised to tailor our Bench campaigns to suit this audience’s chosen social media habits. This enabled us to target the desired leads, effectively communicating the key elements of the Bench brand.

What Bench was looking for was social media management that would solidify their position in the market. Their target audience, both in terms of retail and social networks, were the young, style-conscious public. They needed targeted advertising and a working knowledge of this fan base's habits online. This meant leveraging emerging forms of social media – the micro-content focused platforms that held sway with Bench’s audience – with dynamic and interactive content.

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