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Brandwatch is a UK based social media monitoring company, founded in 2007. Their tools are used by global organisations to analyse what is being said about their brands, and when. Professionals from over 500 agencies and companies utilise Brandwatch to make the most of their social media presence.

You can see why we're friends. Our relationship with the guys over in Brighton is fantastically symbiotic. They give us the cutting edge in analytics across the social media platforms we thrive on, and in return we work our magic for their brand. As a rapidly expanding company, with a great need to understand and employ their social media channels to their gain, they were extremely keen for guidance and consultation from myclever.

We have produced a selection of easy-to-understand, visually appealing infographics to express the work Brandwatch does, and how it can bring your business an advantage in the marketplace. To do this, we reduce their thorough reports into short, sharp graphics that followers can understand and share instantly. These pieces are made to look attractive, but also professional and on-brand.

As well as designing visual content on behalf of Brandwatch, we provided best practice guidelines for their Facebook page activity. In addition to this, we were pleased to design and embed apps for them, which allowed them to practice what they preach across their own channels.

It's one thing to know how to slice and dice the chatter online, it's another thing entirely to develop and use your own voice on the same platforms. Thankfully that's what we do best, and we were happy to help Brandwatch to raise their brand awareness.

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