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Del Monte

Del Monte

Despite being one of the largest fresh food and beverage producers in the Americas, Del Monte sought to build a social media presence for their European audience. It was essential for Del Monte that they saw an increased awareness for their four key products. For myclever, this meant managing Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts in English, Spanish, German, Dutch, French and Italian in order to establish a presence from scratch. Easy peasy.

As the market Del Monte operated in spans Europe, it was obvious to us that all content produced would need to be capable of fostering a multilingual community. To this end, we featured highly branded content and attentive customer service responses. Highly interactive social media campaigns - such as Spot The Difference, Pinameter and Letter To Santa - were implemented. We actively listened to chatter across Twitter in order to monitor the brand's reception, and to engage consumers.

Our campaigns for Del Monte were a hit; the first receiving 20,000 new likes on Facebook alone. On average, each campaign saw 10,000 entries, the Spot The Difference peaking at just over 15,000. In just seven months, the Del Monte Europe page went from zero to 60,000 fans. They also gained 1,000 new followers on Twitter.

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