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IMO Car Wash

IMO is an international company with 834 facilities across 13 countries. Their mission is to be the world's best local car wash. Their brand presents the challenge of needing a social media presence that is fully responsive on mobile and desktop, in a multilingual capacity.

One of our largest projects to date, myclever built from scratch the website that IMO operates to this day. It was interesting for our team, not to mention challenging; to have the entire site perform well in nine different languages. Part of our management of IMO's social media platforms also means maintaining their website; adding new locations, answering customer service communications, and staying on top of the latest features available in HTML5.

We increased reach for IMO by targeting Facebook adverts at car-owners. Initially based on location in relation to IMO sites, we monitored the impressions of each banner ad, and increased the geographical area range to put the campaign in front of even more eligible potential customers.

To improve engagement with existing fans, we ran competitions on the brand's Facebook page. Classic sweepstakes gave users the chance to win high-appeal prizes, as well as free car washes to develop brand loyalty. In order to enter, users were asked to submit details such as name and email address, giving IMO a larger database to communicate with when they re-marketed or had offers and vouchers to share.

Another strategy involved a print-out voucher for local IMO sites, based on the user's location. To claim their discount, they were asked for details that IMO could use in both customer analysis and re-marketing.

Managing the website for IMO, we have embedded an interactive mapping tool that enables visitors to locate their nearest site. This integrates brilliantly with mobile users as allowing IMO access to their GPS location makes the process more streamlined.

Year-on-year, as a result of our partnership, IMO sees a 30% increase in web traffic on their domain. Their Facebook page now has just under 25,000 likes, and continues to grow.

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