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Nuffield Health has been taking care of people for 50 years. A combination of private hospitals, clinics and gym facilities, they are primarily a charity. Therefore, the low-cost of utilising social media was a priority for them. At myclever, we know exactly how to get the most out of your budget and spread your campaign into the news-feeds of exactly the right users.

Their goals were to increase awareness of their brand within their existing customers – have their leisure centre members learn about their clinics, and vice-versa – as well as attract new customers. We know that the best way to achieve the latter is through targeted marketing; Facebook friends and Twitter followers of existing members. Engaging them on these platforms would put Nuffield’s brand on the timeline and news-feed of a wider audience.

We built interactive apps that appealed visually to the aesthetic of the health centre users, which would in turn encourage them to share the brand’s content.

Our experience creating organic traction across multiple platforms is what we knew this client needed. User-generated content would reduce time and monetary costs, while simultaneously fostering a community feeling within the network of their existing members/followers.

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