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Slush Puppie

Slush Puppie

Arguably the biggest name in ice crystal drinks worldwide, Slush Puppie asked us to utilise social media to engage their fans and consumers, identifying younger audiences as their key target. It was vital to the brand that their heritage be present in the content we produced - a brand with decades of history, they were keen to be differentiated from imitation competitors. Slush Puppie also wanted us to create an awareness, from scratch, of the Facebook page for the relatively new product Tango Ice Blast.

Our campaigns were designed to engage the two markets that showed highest sales for the Slush Puppie products; 4-10 year-olds, and nostalgic 25-45 year-olds. This meant a colourful selection of apps and sweepstakes, featuring branded prizes such as clothing, drinks and sweets. The campaigns had to be child-friendly, but Slush Puppie also wanted a hint of humour that the retro audience could enjoy.

Our results were great. Slush Puppie Europe had next-to-no Facebook presence; now it has 11,000 fans. Similarly, Tango Ice Blast has over 9,000 fans. Their Twitter account has over 500 followers. Across the web, we have generated 12,000 conversations featuring the brand.

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