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Gumtree’s Sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother

Reached 14 million unique users

Awards for Gumtree - #CBB

The Brief

The myclever™ team leveraged social media to make the most of Gumtree’s sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother – a show with an average audience of over three million viewers, plus over a million watching live online and on catch up.

Paid social had to:

  • Promote Gumtree’s brand to passionate Celebrity Big Brother audiences, especially the 18-45 years female demographic
  • Extend brand association by delivering popular content on the second screen
  • Drive reach and engagement through on-brand conversations

The Approach

We targeted people engaging with gossip magazines, blogs and reality television shows, and those who liked previous series of Celebrity Big Brother using Facebook audience planning and Twitter handles.

Our social ads featured optimised copy appealing to the identified audience while drawing attention to Gumtree’s association with the show.

We utilised Brandwatch’s social listening to monitor hash tag conversations taking place in reaction to funny and contentious moments during broadcasts.

In the moment, we married spontaneous content with targeting to promote popular branded content like the “Talking Furniture” idents, which led to organic hash tags like #bunchofbarstools and #itsnotwhatitlookslike.

Delivering exclusive, on-brand experiences brought unique value to Celebrity Big Brother fans’ engagements with Gumtree.

The Results

Paid social reached 14 million unique users, referring 80,000 unique visits to They also led to over 15,000 competition entries.

The average CPWC (Cost Per Website Click) was 25% lower than the industry average, delivering reach in line with the cost of PPC advertising.

Real-time organic tweeting helped our paid social ads to reach over 32 million impressions.

Gumtree’s Sponsorship of Celebrity Big Brother

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