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Optical Express

80% increase in leads from social

The Brief

Optical Express aimed to use paid social to generate leads that convert into procedure appointments and in-store purchases, in line with the low Cost Per Lead (CPL) level of retargeting and PPC ads.

myclever™ Agency’s expertise in paid social makes us the perfect people to achieve the ambitious CPL level set by the brand.

The Approach

Our strategy used social targeting at its best: we segmented Optical Express’ target audience and created diverse ad messages relevant to each segment’s passions.

We were extremely granular with our audience segmentation, targeting people based on their interests, profession, age, gender and location. For example, swimmers, cyclers and walkers were served different ads featuring their preferred activity.

This ensured that the paid social content was relevant to the user, driving greater engagement and conversion rates than a single, on-brand ad served to everyone.

For specific services like laser eye surgeries, we targeted 18-50 year-olds whose lifestyle would benefit from corrective procedures; people prior to their wedding and active, fashion- and lifestyle-conscious people.

We budgeted ad spend to reflect which platforms Optical Express were experiencing most engagement on. This guaranteed that their brand message was efficiently exposed to exactly the right audiences.

The Results

Working with a tight budget, our social ads resulted in over 5,000 new valid leads for Optical Express each month.

For the brand, this signified an increase of over 80% on valid leads from paid social.

Thanks to myclever™ Agency, Optical Express’s average Cost Per Lead reduced by 32%.

Optical Express

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